Ask your nanny teach your children important life lessons

You can balance your family life and your career, because even if you have children it does not mean that you have to stay at home. You can ask the help of a nanny, because they have experience in this domain, and your children can learn many things while they stay home with her. You do not have the time to teach them all the lessons you may want, but if you collaborate with your nanny, you can ask her do this for you. The key is to work with the best nanny agency London, because in this way, you can be sure that you hire the best person for your children’s needs. It is a great effort to identify your children’s needs, and to try to teach them useful lessons. But a nanny has experience in this domain and she will immediately identify the lessons your children have to learn to develop their skills.


Teach them to be respectful

Nowadays, it is essential children to show respect to other people, because the younger generations find difficult to be polite and courteous. As a parent is your role to teach them these lessons, but because you do not have the needed time to do this, you can ask the nanny to help you. You should ask her to avoid screaming and cursing in their front, and in case the children do it, she should ask them to behave politely.

They should know how to cook

You will not be around 24/7 to cook them whatever they may want, and it is essential to know from early age to prepare some dishes, for when they leave home. Therefore, you can ask the nanny to teach them how to use knives, because you want to be sure that they will not hurt themselves. Also, they have to know how to read a recipe and how to make scramble eggs. These are some of the most essential things, a child should know in the kitchen, so your nanny has definitely taught other ones do these things, and she will not find difficult to help you with this.

They should improve their laundry skills

Everyone has to know how to make laundry, so you should make sure that your children learn this from an early age. They should wash and dry their clothes, because if they get used only to put the dirty clothes in the hamper and wait for you to do the job, they will find difficult to get used with these activities.