Deal maker or breaker – Women jokes and how much do they appreciate them?


Controversial as they are, funny sayings about women will always steal a laugh or two. Especially from the opposite gender, since they are constantly dealing with us. However, many women are offended by them, considering those misogynistic. On the other hand, those with some sense of humor understand and appreciate them as they are quite illustrative. And if you want, you can easily find some of the best funny quotes about women on the web, enjoy and test reactions. Fact is no man is misogynistic if they enjoy jokes about women. However, let’s see what reactions could produce in order to understand better women’s point of view.

1. She recognizes and laughs at stereotypes

Just as jokes about men are based on gender stereotypes, so are jokes on women. Fact is, both genders recognize their flaws and are capable of processing then in the most easy-going manner. The large majority of women are capable of understanding these sayings don’t come from hate towards the opposite gender, and neither from criticism. They come from observation and well-educated sense of humor. Although it seems many jokes of this kind put women in a less favorable light, they can appreciate their qualities in a more elaborate and elusive manner. Take good-old Jerry Seinfeld for example: “One of the great mysteries to me about women is the fact that they can pour hot wax on their legs, rip the hair out by the roots, and still be afraid of a spider.” Does he criticize women? No, he doesn’t, and the large majority of women seem to understand what the point of this whole quote is.

2. Creative women do not judge based on stereotypes

A woman worth your time surely understands how both genders judge each other based on stereotypes, even we are not living in a traditional society anymore. Feminists, especially, tend to be more offended by jokes with women than any other category, specifically because they follow certain stereotypes. But, they in their most elaborate theories on gender roles and the opposite sex, do this frequently. However, even smart feminists find them enjoyable and they fully understand a joke is exclusively a joke.

3. Where and how to use amusing quotes about women?

Family gatherings or parties, they are all great opportunities for using your best quotes on women. They will surely steal some laughs and all will appreciate you highly developed sense of humor. Not to mention dates. Fact is, all women love a guy with a sense of humor. Although all these quotes might be funny, make sure you do not use offensive ones. Those you can find on the Internet are perfect, are tested and they belong to intelligent individuals. Steal those and make sure you impress your audience with every opportunity.

Make sure you use appropriate jokes with every occasion so you don’t end up offending someone you care about. However, we should all equally appreciate them as they are based on experience and observation.