Help your children get ready for school in the morning

Parents know that it takes an eternity to get the children ready in the morning, in order to send them to school. And this means that you are also late from work. The things have to change, and fast, because this way you will end up losing your job. But if you rush them, they will be stressed out, and this may make them unhappy. You will have to find a method to get them ready for school, without rushing them in the morning. Here are some tips you will definitely find useful.


Prepare them breakfast the night before

How long does it take you to prepare them breakfast? Instead of rushing in the morning, you can prepare them the breakfast the night before. It does not matter if they eat oatmeal cereals, or if they prefer sandwiches, you should take some time during the evening, prepare them and put them in the fridge. There are children who want to eat pancakes in the morning, this takes at least half of hour, and it can be the reason why you are late for work.

Use tricks to style their hair

If you have girls, then you may spend around 20 minutes to style their hair, because they want to look amazing. Until now, you had to learn new ways to braid their hair, and sometimes the result is that they do not like how it looks and you have to do it again. Well, you should use some accessories as everyday ribbons to style their hair. It will look beautiful and it will take you less time to get them ready for school.

Lay out their clothes the night before

You will have to ask them what they want to wear the next day, and prepare their outfits for the night before. In this way, you will not spend countless minutes in the morning trying to help them to decide if they want the blue T-shirt or the red one. In case your children are older than 3 years, then you should ask them dress themselves before they come down for breakfast.

Ask them prepare their backpacks

How many times did they remember that they do not have their backpacks ready when they reached the door? This is something common, and if you want to avoid this situation, you should ask them the night before to have their backpacks ready. In case they need lunches to take with them, you should make them before.

Media should not be allowed in the morning

If they will scroll the Facebook wall in the morning, they will not manage to get ready on time. During morning, media should not be allowed. Keep the TV off until they are dressed and they have eaten their breakfast. When the TV is on, every morning task becomes a failure, because they cannot focus on what they have to do. Their attention will be focused on the TV show that is running, and they will even refuse to leave the house, until the show does not end.