House Chores that Might Be Dangerous for Children

Doing house chores is a usual activity for most families, and involving the children in these activities is quite a normal thing. The chores may be simple or more complex, but they all have to be done in order to keep a house clean and safe. Nevertheless, there are certain chores that can be dangerous for children, especially if they are younger. Let’s see which house chores might be dangerous.

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Mowing the lawn

One of the activities that might be dangerous for children is mowing the lawn during the warm seasons. Specialists say that lawn mowers aren’t toys and this chore may lead to some very terrible results. Because they are curious, children want to play with the lawn mower, or even operate it, and they might be hurt. This is why parents need to be cautious and buy safe mowers. For example, we read this Honda hrx217vka review, and we liked the fact that this mower is very easy to maneuver and it has a speed control option. So if you can adjust the mower on a lower speed to make it safer for the child to use. Even so, the children should be at least 12 years old if they want to let them operate the lawn mower.
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Snow removal

Snow removal is another dangerous house chore and it can even cause death in certain cases. Children usually see this chore as a fun activity during the winter season and they are not very careful when they are around the snow blower. Therefore, parents need to be extra vigilant when operating this device and they may even ask someone to do this job for them when the kids aren’t at home. However, if you don’t have this option, you can explain to them that the snow blower can be very dangerous if they aren’t careful.
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The iron is one of the most common appliances and it can be found in almost every house. This is why, when you do the ironing you have to be very careful, especially if you have children around you. Burns from domestic chores are very common and they usually happen when children get near the hot iron or knock it down. The surface temperature on an electric iron can reach 200° Celsius and they can leave permanent marks. In order to prevent this from happening, you can store the hot iron immediately after use and ensure that the cords are out of the reach of children.
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Kids love to be involved in kitchen’s activities and they like to prepare and bake all kinds of recipes, especially sweets. Also, even if they aren’t involved in the baking process, they may still play around you and get near a hot oven or cooking stove. This is why you have to be careful and don’t let them touch anything until you give your permission. Hot temperatures can hurt them and you’d better avoid that.