Indoor air quality health effects – things you should know

A thing that an impressive number of homeowners neglect is the quality of their indoor air, not realizing how it can affect their health. Well, you should know that indoor air pollutants can lead to unpleasant repercussions in terms of health, and this is why specialists recommend to resort to an indoor air quality testing Toronto from time to time. Moreover, you can easily find a company that can offer you this possibility, just by doing a quick search on the web. In order for you to comprehend the importance of this aspect, you need to learn more about the health effects involved.



Coughing is one of the first symptoms you will experience while you are exposed to air pollutants. Although you might not make a connection at first, if the coughing is persistent and you cannot find any other causes, then the quality of your indoor air might not be as it should.

Headaches and dizziness

Headaches and dizziness are other frequently met effects of this type of issue. If the air of your living environment is polluted, then constant headaches, and sudden dizziness are normal repercussions. If you have faced these symptoms yourself, then perhaps you should give the topic more consideration.

More severe health effects

Although a headache or a simple cough might not bring you worries, you should know that poor indoor quality can cause more severe health effects as well. From eye irritation and fevers to nausea and tachycardia, the symptoms that can appear are various, and certainly serious ones. So instead of reaching this point, choose to test the air quality and thus prevent these types of unpleasant health issues.

Mould growth – the main indoor air quality issue

Now that you know more about what effects indoor pollutants can have on your health, you should know more about the main problem that may arise in your household; something that can led to the appearance of the health complications mentioned above. Many homeowners face a mould growth issue, but they either choose to ignore it or to take care of it themselves. Mould removal is something that should be left only in the hands of specialists, who have the experience and techniques necessary to notice any kind of mould growth and to remediate the issue. Keep in mind that being exposed to a mouldy environment can cause you respiratory problems, asthma or even more aggressive conditions.

The indoor air quality of your household should not be something you neglect, especially now that you know all the repercussions that may arise. If you want to provide yourself and your family with a good living environment, then perhaps hiring a team of pros for a testing is the wise thing to do. You can go online to see what companies provide this type of services, and choose the best offer for you. An air quality testing for time to time will be more than beneficial from several points of view, so try not to overlook this possibility.