Modern bathroom design ideas you have to try this year

When a new bathroom design is needed, people usually consider only those improvements that have a functional purpose, but less those with an aesthetic purpose. Regardless, there are some improvements that double as great aesthetic and functional additions. For those who aim to get a modern and functional bathroom design, below are some of the most suitable and flexible design ideas.


Minimalistic bathroom with frameless glass shower

If you reach that top-notch minimalistic bathroom design, then this idea will certainly suit you best. A simple and elegant bathroom design is what you need if you want to create a timeless space that will be enjoyed over the years just as it is in the present times. Without any trace of a doubt, frameless glass shower doors will certainly contribute to creating a simple, elegant and minimalistic design to your entire space. A simple white bathroom sink, a large mirror and some well-hidden cabinets will certainly contribute to creating the same feeling and design and impress you with the simplicity of the space created. Regardless, a glass shower will make the central point of your design. Stunning by appearance and functionality, while offering plenty of comfort to the owner, by being completely frameless, these additions offering a maintenance-free product.

Cosy small bathroom

A small bathroom can acquire high aesthetical levels by simply making it look more comfortable and bringing some additions that will enlarge the space, at least visually. Once again, a frameless glass shower seems to be the best pick for this purpose, and such addition will offer a more airy, comfortable feeling. For accomplishing such a design, you can always integrate some light-coloured furniture and some woven baskets to increase the “home-like” appearance of your bathroom. Make sure to add some sort of greenery, to increase the cosiness effect into your bathroom. If your bathroom lacks a source of natural light, you may want to consider fake plants as they don’t require any sort of care, and some of those look incredibly real.

Integrate intelligent storage solutions

Regardless of the general design of your bathroom, by integrating intelligent storage solutions, you will create the necessary storage space for all your hygiene products, but also increase the visual appeal of your bathroom. Open storage systems will work perfectly in a cosy, welcoming bathroom. Simply opt for open shelving solutions or cabinets, place there all your rolled towels and other similar products. Close cabinets will make your space look more modern airy. Pick your storage solutions depending on what design your bathroom has and you will certainly have an exquisite outcome.

These are three simple design solutions for those who want to create a modern, airy and timeless space out of their bathroom. Because of the simplicity offered by these ideas, the maintenance will be easy to perform and the outcomes will certainly be outstanding in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Pick your favourite design idea and make sure to apply the storage solutions accordingly to your space.