Ribbon hairstyles you need to try

Styling your hair can be quite the challenge, if you have tried everything and are interested in something a bit different. Well, to make your hairdos seem more spectacular, a simple trick would be to accessories them, and the easiest and most chic item to use is ribbon. With hair bow ribbons, you can turn any dull and plain hairstyle into an eye-catching one, and it requires almost no skill or effort. Use the following ideas for inspiration, and see how ribbons can compliment any look you might want to go for:


Ribbon ponytail

This is probably the easiest hairstyle to achieve. All you have to do is pull your hair up and tie it into a ponytail, the difference being you will be using a brightly coloured piece of ribbon instead of an actual hair tie. Make sure to create a big bow on top, for an even more pleasant effect. This type of hairdo will go perfect for both evening and daytime looks, and you won’t have to spend more than a few minutes doing your hair.

Curls with ribbon accents

If you like curling your hair, then you will certainly love this look. Using a few thin straps of satin ribbon, preferably in a pastel colour tone, and some bobby pins, place the ribbon pieces between your curled hair strands and leave them flowing naturally. The colour of the ribbon will be noticeable while you walk, creating a soft bright contrast with your hair. Your hairdo will look stylish and far from ordinary.

Bow hairband

Whenever you are in a hurry, and do not have time to style your hair, simply using a piece of ribbon as a hairband will be all you need to look fabulous. You will need some qualitative satin or grosgrain ribbon to create the hairband, and make sure you top it with a big flowy bow. This will work great for a girly street style look.

The way you choose to style your hair can have a role in your overall appearance, and if you want to look your best always, then perhaps trying a few unconventional hair accessories will come in handy. Adding a few ribbon accents in your hairstyles will make you look more sophisticate and stylish, and the styles mentioned above are also extremely easily to do, so looking effortlessly beautiful will not be difficult at all, with this trick.