Ribbons – a popular and versatile decorative element

Even though ribbons are commonly used for gift-wrapping or decorating the Christmas tree, when it comes to accessorizing an outfit or decorating areas of your home, these elegant pieces of fabric represent an indispensable, affordable and stylish element. Once you discover the pleasure of creating unique fashionable elements and at the same time, a useful way to spend your time, you will keep trace of all wholesale ribbons stores and sites in order to buy as many colors, patterns and sizes as possible. You can also check different videos or pages on the internet for new ideas. The options are limitless, therefore you can experiment  until you improve your binding technique and design.


The evolution of ribbons

When people started creating materials, ribbons were among the first decorative elements used to personalize clothes and different areas in households, bringing a touch of simplicity and elegance. At some point in history, more precisely the seventeenth century, ribbons became an essential element in the fashion industry, causing the appearance of more sophisticate, high quality and elaborately crafted types of ribbons. People used this popular thin piece of fabric to adorn plain items of clothing and garments for a more individual and extravagant look, to customize gifts or to ornament furniture. By 1770, following a huge demand, the Dutch created a loom, managing to produce six types of ribbon at the same time.

Material, quality, pattern

Ribbons were initially created using silk, which was an eastern fabric, but gradually other materials were taken into consideration because of the usefulness and popularity of these pretty elements. Thus, materials like chiffon, satin, velvet, lace became common for manufacturing ribbons. Surprisingly, wool and cotton can also be transformed in ribbons, but they are not considered a high quality product. Therefore, according to the occasion, the effect you want to achieve, or the object you want to decorate, you have the possibility to choose from a great variety of materials, colors, patterns and sizes.

DIY – decorations and clothes

People are continuously looking to change and embellish their style without spending a great amount of money in the process. For this particular reason, DIY projects using bought or re-usable ribbons are perfect. It represents a cheap and fun way to bring your old clothes into fashion and transform your home. If you are a bold or extravagant person, do not hesitate to show your personality through your pieces of clothing of house decorations. People will be surprised and intrigued by your special customized items.

Bring a personal touch to your gifts

Ribbons are the classic element when it comes to adding a colorful and interesting touch to your gifts. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can create a unique design for your gift in order to stand out from the others.  Although not everybody is attracted to this type of activity, it does not require much effort and you can easily get satisfaction by improving your technique in order to create beautiful, unusual and eye-catching designs.