Should I get invisalign or clear braces?

A beautiful smile can often influence one’s self esteem in a positive way, and this is why people choose to visit their dentists with regularity, to whiten their teeth or fix any esthetical issue. Having crocked or misaligned teeth is however an issue that can only be solved over time, by using a pair of braces. Despite the fact that having straight teeth is the key to a perfect smile, many people avoid getting braces, because they are uncomfortable to wear and not exactly aesthetically pleasant. If you are confronted with the need of getting braces yourself, then you are probably finding this idea not that appealing. However, you should know that you have a more advantageous alternative to opt for, invisalign braces. Clear braces have become more and more popular among dental patients, and after finding out the benefits offered by this option, perhaps you will consider this alternative yourself.


Pleasant aesthetic effect

Let’s face it, one of the reason why you have probably avoided to get braces until know is because they are not at all flattering to wear. Wearing metal brackets is certainly not an exciting prospect, especially for adults. Well, with the clear alternative, your appearance will not be at all affected by the braces. Because they are designed from a transparent material, they can easily go unnoticed, and this is a big plus.

They can easily be removed

Besides the times you will be visiting a dentist, metal brackets cannot and shouldn’t be removed by those who are wearing them. Although they should be worn at all times, in comparison with traditional braces, the invisalign ones can be removed with ease when necessary. So, if you want to clean your teeth properly, you can take them off and put them back on in a matter of seconds.

Fast results

Another thing you should know about invisalign is that it can bring you faster results. If you research the topic you will find out that your teeth can be strengthen perfectly in less than a year – half the time traditional brackets are required to be worn.

A comfortable choice

Last but not least, this type of braces are also comfortable to wear. If you have talked with someone who has worn traditional braces, then you probably know by now how uncomfortable their texture feels. Irritations or scratches are sometimes inevitable, when it comes to wearing metal brackets. Well, the clear ones are designed from a smooth material, with no sharp areas. Their great texture is certainly an advantage, and because comfort is probably something you have in mind, when wearing braces, you will not be disappointed by the invisalign.

Because wearing braces as an adult might seem unflattering, from an aesthetic point of view, many people avoid fixing their dental problems for this reason alone. However, nowadays, you have the opportunity of wearing clear braces, which are far more advantageous, considering all the aspects stated above. Now that you know exactly the reasons why you should opt for invisalign, perhaps you will consider contacting a dentist. Make sure to find a reliable dental clinic in your area, and read a few reviews before booking yourself a consultation.