Starting a garden from scratch – Things to consider

If you ever tasted vegetables from a garden and not only from supermarkets, then you certainly fell in love with them. And this is normal. They have different aromas, smells and feeling, plus there is the satisfaction of growing yourself the bits and pieces necessary for a healthy and filling meal. Also, garden-fresh vegetables have a sweeter flavour and are juicier. They certainly are tastier than other vegetables that you can eat. But before starting your own garden you certainly need to invest in some tools. If you are interested in what tools are the most appropriate for a beginner gardener, you can read the 5 Handy Gardening Products article on this website. But below are some tips on how you can start your own vegetable garden.


1. Start small

A thing to remember and always play by is that a vast garden may bring some frustration. But a small, beautiful garden will make you proud, while it will require smaller amounts of time spent in it. This is an error most beginners make. They go big from the start, being unable to care for their gardens. This causes the produce to die or grow improperly and this leads to frustration and lack of productivity.

2. Where to plant

There are certain requirements in terms of placement, when it comes to vegetables.

  • Always plant your seeds in a sunny location, as vegetables need plenty of light to grow big and healthy. As a result, the sunnier the spot, the larger your crops. Also, vegetables that benefit from vast amounts of sunlight seem to taste better and be juicier.
  • Choose a spot with good soil. Soft soil is easier to penetrate by plant’s roots, which will make your props more flourishing. Also, make sure to provide all the necessary nutrients, by enriching the soil with compost. Prepare your own, as the Internet is full of suggestions and tutorials.
  • Pay attention to your plant’s spacing, as it seems to influence how luxuriant your corps will be. Make sure that you don’t space them too closely, because you don’t want to deprive some of them of light or other necessary stuff for surviving.
  • By the right seeds. High-quality seeds do provide better and healthier crops. This is why you shouldn’t rely on seeds of dubious provenience. If the seeds don’t germinate, your crops won’t grow. And this will represent a total water of time and money.

3. Invest in the right tools

As said in the beginning, you should pay great attention to what tools you choose to invest in. A kneeling pad, a hosepipe, a litter picker, wheelbarrow, a pair of gardening gloves, these are five of the most important tools you must invest in, if you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable gardening experience. For instance, a kneeling pad is necessary for when you want to handle various tasks, such as weeding, and you want to protect your knees at the same time. Also, a good pair of gloves will protect the sensitive skin on your hands and prevent dirt from getting under your nails.