Subtle décor items that make a difference

If you want to decorate your home and give it a unique touch, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive or flashy items. In fact, if you look in interior design magazines, or even on Pinterest, you’ll see that trends dictate quite the opposite: the use of subtle, understated decorations that together make an impact. The good news is that these delicate decorations are very affordable and, with a bit of patience, you do them yourself. Here is some inspiration for your next decorative project.



Ribbon curtain tie-back

When people tie back curtains, they usually use the piece of cloth that came with them, but did you know that by replacing this default fabric with something else you can get a unique effect? For example, you can use delicate pastel ribbons and add a finishing touch with a bow. For design variety, look into what rosette ribbon UK stores have to offer. Instead of rosettes, you can also tie back curtains using a vintage brooch or any item of jewellery. For a girly look, you can also use a long strand of pearls.


Creative pillow cases

Do you get bored of decorations easily and hate the idea of spending money every few months on new items? Creative pillow cases can save you money! They are very affordable, especially if you buy them from online stores, and you can switch them up whenever you are in the mood for something new. From sarcastic slogans to geometric prints, you can find everything on pillow cases these days and you can give your home a new personality every week!


Copper storage baskets

We all use baskets for storing knick-knacks around the house. With a little creativity, these baskets can become interior design elements. What you need to do is replace them with something more aesthetic than the average plastic. For example, copper is in right now and it can give your home a modern look. By switching plastic baskets with copper ones, you mix aesthetics with practicality.



Gone are the days when beautiful plants required long hours of caring and watering. Now, you can enjoy their decorative nature without the responsibility. We are talking, of course, about cacti and succulents. They have a nice and minimal look and you don’t even have to worry about watering them, because they can survive for a long time.