Useful guide on how to store baby gear


If you bought a baby crib or swing, colorful toys and other elements too early because you could not resist the temptation and you do not know what to do with them, there is no need to worry. Many parents choose to rent a storage unit for baby gear because it allows them to maximize the space in their homes. In addition, they have the certainty and peace of mind that when coming back for the items months or even years later, they will find them in optimal condition because storage facilities provide various features at convenient prices with the purpose to satisfy everyone. Nevertheless, not all parents know how to pack and organize properly furniture, toys, clothes and other important baby equipment. This represents an important aspect that you should not neglect because it will facilitate the process and help you stay organized.

Baby clothes

If you intend to place clothes in the storage unit, you have to follow a few simple steps. First, you have to explore storage units Charlottetown. Then you have to clean the clothes but avoid scented laundry detergent at all costs because it will make them a safe prey for bugs and rodents, which will cause irremediable damage. Yes, certain facilities provide free pest control but you should be precautious and take your own safety measures. The next step is to fold them in such way to occupy as little space as possible then sort them by color, season or any other criteria you think appropriate. After all these steps, you are ready to place them in containers. Labeling is essential if you do not want to mix the boxes and encounter difficulties finding exactly what you are looking for when returning to the facility. As an additional tip, use acid-free boxes in order to prevent discoloration with the passage of time or choose climate-controlled storage units throughout the rainy season.

Baby equipment

Even though clothes fit in almost any box, other baby items like rockers and swings require more space. First, make sure that you wash material parts and air-dry in the sun for disinfection. As for hard surfaces, you should wipe them with a safe cleaner and dry them properly to avoid mold growth affecting materials and rust affecting metal components. Furthermore, you should make use of a cotton sheet to cover the item. If you have to dissemble it, use plastic bins for each piece. Other smaller pieces of equipment including bouncy seats will be easier to handle. Similar to clothing storage, you have to label each container so that you do not waste time and lose your patience while searching through all the items in the unit.

Baby toys

The most common toys parents buy for their babies are Legos, tinker toys and Barbie dolls, among others. Their storage is quite simple. You have to clean and disinfect them with a water solution in order to impede bacteria from spreading or mildew from growing. Ultimately, place them in a plastic tote because they allow the air to flow. Climate-controlled storage is important to protect them from extreme temperatures.