Why should you hire a podiatrist to check your parents’ health?

Your feet should carry you your entire life, but there are moments when they start experiencing serious health problems and they become an obstacle in completing your daily tasks. If your parents have started experiencing feet pains or other related problems then it is a great idea to ask a podiatrist to come and check their health state. Seniors often experience feet health problems and the best way to deal with them is to prevent them. If you have doubts if to ask one to come at your parents’ house here are the main things a podiatrist can do for elders.


They can help your parents choose the right footwear

Seniors ignore the fact that they should choose footwear according to their health and sometimes they use the same old pairs of shoes. However, often these old pairs of shoes cause them pains and restrict their activities. They can learn to choose footwear that fits them if they benefit from handlehjelp, because an expert can recommend them what shoes they should wear to protect and support their feet. In addition, the podiatrist can tell if your parents should wear orthopaedic shoes.

They can help your parents if they are experiencing arthritis or diabetes

The persons who are suffering from arthritis or diabetes for a long period of time have vulnerable feet as a side effect. If your parents are experiencing one of these conditions then it is mandatory to see a podiatrist to understand if there are any care measures they have to take in order to improve their state. Sometimes it is required private tjenester to deal with feet conditions caused by diabetes or arthritis.

They will check their feet for injuries

You may have noticed that your parents have abrasions, cuts or sores on their feet and they do not know what their cause is. It is something common for elders not to know how they hurt themselves, especially when we are talking about their legs. A podiatrist or an allmennlege can check the type of injuries your parents are experiencing on their feet and they can offer recommendations on how to prevent them in the future, and how to treat them before growing into something worse.

They can teach your parents how to properly trim their nails

Sometimes seniors ignore to trim their toenails because they find difficult to bend over. Too long nails can cause ulceration, infection or soreness, and if your parents seem to experience one of these problems it is advisable to ask a podiatrist check their feet to understand what the cause of the problem is. The toenails that are not properly cut can become ingrown and in this situation your parents will find even more difficult to trim them. A podiatrist will recommend them some easy trimming techniques they can use in order to prevent this from happening.

Alongside with the trimming techniques the podiatrist can also offer them some hygiene pieces of advice and show them what key points require their attention.