5 Signs that You Are a Permissive Parent

Being a parent is a big challenge, especially if you are too permissive with your kids. By not wanting to be overprotective, you risk to be too tolerant and raise you child without any limits or rules.
5 Signs that You Are a Permissive Parent1
To inspire you, we have gathered 5 signs which will help you realize that you are a permissive parent.

No rules or limits

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Your life as a parent can be very difficult and chaotic if you don’t impose several rules which should be respected by your own children. Every child should follow some limits, routines, and habits which can turn them into responsible people. Whether you have a disciplined child or one with a bad behavior, when you set some rules, it’s important to be consistent and serious. This way, your child won’t break the rule or take it as a joke. Moreover, the children are cunning, and they will try to bribe you if you are too permissive.

Trying to become friend with your child

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Having a good relationship with your child is a good thing, but it’s important to remember constantly that between you and him, there should be an authoritative report which is not one of equality. Parents are meant to educate and discipline children, not to turn them into their confident. Turning your child into your friend is one of the biggest mistakes that parents frequently do. Everybody knows that it is very important to approach your child and strengthen the relationship with him, but keep a limit between you two, because a child needs a parent who has authority over him. This is the only way in which you can help him make the right choices, be polite and fix his mistakes.

Making school an excuse

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There are many cases when the parents become some kind of defenders of they own children. Moreover, plenty of them find a school as an excuse for not involve the children in the household chores or other house activities. Actually, parents don’t think that all these activities could be useful at a certain time for their children. On the other hand, the child is the one who can invoke the school a reason for not participating in domestic duties. He knows that you as a parent will never put the house activities before the study. However, you should know that every activity that your child will do will help him become more responsible and independent.