Addiction Advice and Support: The Truth About Professional Help


The subject of addiction and professional support for addicts always has been and always will be incredibly sensitive.  Simply accepting in the first place that residential rehab advice could be beneficial is difficult to say the least.  Suffice to say, actually going ahead with a course of treatment can be even more of a challenge.

Contrary to popular belief however, it isn’t only those who are in dire need of immediate life-transformations that could benefit with professional advice and support. While the vast majority of people are aware that professional counselling services exist, it’s natural to assume that they exist for everyone but you yourself. In the case of alcohol overuse and abuse in particular, comparatively few realise just how beneficial professional intervention can be – even if things haven’t yet become dangerously problematic.

So in order to clarify a few of the fundamentals, here’s a quick rundown of six important things to be aware of when it comes to alcohol counselling and support:

1 – You Don’t Have to Be at Breaking Point

As already touched upon, you do not have to be at the end of your proverbial tether, before professional support could benefit you.  The vast majority of those who seek professional support wait until things have quite literally reached breaking point and do so in desperation. Professional counselling and support can certainly be helpful during such difficult times, but this is far from the only time the experts can or should be called.  Even if you have just the slightest inkling that a problem may be starting to manifest, this is in fact the perfect time to seek advice.

2 – Rehab Isn’t the Only Solution

It’s often assumed that in the most severe of cases, a course of residential rehabilitation is really the only option. In reality, options are quite literally limitless.  The reason being that the most appropriate course of treatment will be tailored specifically to the needs of the individual in question.  Is comparatively rare for any two treatment programs to ever be the same, or even particularly similar. While rehab it is often recommended as an appropriate option for treatment, it is far from the only solution available for those battling addiction.

3 – Most Drinkers Could Do with Cutting Down

As far as official governmental figures are concerned, the overwhelming majority of adults who admit to consuming alcohol are right now consuming vastly more the experts recommend. Or to put it another way, the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom right now could do with cutting down. The thing is though, even if you are not a particularly heavy or chronic drinker, it can still be a surprisingly difficult to cut things down to more sensible levels.  Regardless of how moderate your current alcohol intake is, professional support can work wonders if you’d like to cut things down a little further.

4 – The Earlier, the Better

As is the case with so many things in life, the earlier the problem is acknowledged and addressed, the better.  In fact, it is usually possible to entirely avoid more severe cases of alcohol addiction and dependency, simply by bringing problematic behaviour out into the open as early as possible. As such, there is absolutely no such thing as a time too early to speak to the professionals, should you wish to make positive changes for the sake of your health and wellbeing.

5 – It Need Not Be Expensive

One immediate assumption when rehab is mentioned is that any course of treatment worth taking part in will inherently be expensive. And not just expensive, but prohibitively expensive. In truth, there will always be any number of rehabilitation centres and facilities where treatment is quite spectacularly expensive. But at the same time, there are also those that exist right on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Just as long as you go about the selection process thoughtfully and proactively, cutting costs does not necessarily have to mean cutting corners in terms of quality.

6 – You May Only Need a Few Tips

Last up, it’s surprising how many people begin the process of seeking treatment, only to find that all they needed was a little advice.  It’s not until you speak directly with the professionals are that you gain a real understanding of how beneficial their advice and support can be. Particularly if you are simply looking to make a few lifestyle changes, one or two consultations to discuss how to go ahead may be all that’s needed to radically transform your life for the better.