Basics all first-time parents should know


As a newborn appears in a family’s life, things seem to complicate a lot, from the considerably reduced amount of sleep time, to a constant state of anxiousness the parents feel and increased attention and care levels for the new member. Of course, if is highly satisfactory for parents to see the new member grow and develop under their eyes, but it can also be a confusing period as the dynamics of the family change. The entire attention of both parents is drawn towards the little one, and a constant state of fear takes over. However, some basics might help fresh parents have a healthier relationship towards this change occurring in their lives, and videophones are great products for supervising small children as they sleep in their crib. For this and other parenting tips and tricks, continue reading below.

1. Videophones and parenting – increased levels of security

Small children can hurt themselves from pretty much anything. Sitting in a certain position might hurt their joints, not to mention the danger of asphyxiation while sleeping. A videophone, however, is a great tool for fresh parents as they can continuously supervise the child, while they handle household tasks or simply take a break from an overwhelming day. Late technologies are so advanced; such products can now be used both indoors and outdoors, without any image distortion. Night vision functions are another important element you want to look for when buying your first videophone, as the child must be supervised while sleeping at night as well.

2. Sleep, feed and change the baby in rounds

As a child appears in a couple’s life, both partners can suffer from chronic sleep deprivation because of a chaotic sleeping schedule. While it is important for the parent working to be able to provide high quality work at their job, the stay at home parent should not be let alone to handle all the previously mentioned tasks. Otherwise, severe sleep deprivation may occur, this leading to anxiety or even depression. However, it is a bad strategy for both parents to wake at the same time for these. The best advice would be to go in rounds!

3. Maintain a healthy social life

Parenting is a full time job. However, even when working a full time schedule, you still have some “me” time. Many parents miss this, and it may affect the couple’s relationship, their self-image and the perception on parenting and the new child. For a healthy social life, try to get out as a couple or with friends two times a week. A nanny can help with those two hours you spend outside, while a baby videophone will help you have your peace of mind. Alternatively, you can go out separately with your separate or common friends. However, some couple time is always welcomed!

These are some simple basic tips for mastering parenting in the few months since your baby is born. Take care of yourselves and invest in some basic tools.