Boost your children’s immunity during the cold season

Every parent wants to be sure that their children are healthy, but during winter, it is more difficult to achieve this, because kids like to spend a lot of time outside, and the low temperatures make them catch flu quickly. You cannot tell your little ones that they are not allowed to play with their friends anymore because it would mean that you isolate them inside for a few months, and this would not be good for them. So, your only option is to help them boost their immunity and avoid getting sick. They can do this by having a strong body, and for this is essential to maintain the needed quantity of calcium in their bodies. They might not eat foods rich in this mineral, but you can give them supplements, and for understanding exactly the amount they need, you should check the Algaecal reviews, because there you would find all the details you need.


Include in their diet fresh fruits and vegetables

Children would prefer to eat only fries, but in this way they would harm their health, so you should try to include in their daily diet citrus fruits, because they are rich in vitamin C which is very helpful in boosting their immune system. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, and you should make sure that your kids eat at least three types of fruits and other three types of vegetables daily.

Ask the doctor about supplements

And because they do not like to eat all the aliments you give them, they would still experience calcium deficiency, so it is advisable to talk with the doctor and ask them on the supplements you should give them daily. Because they are in the growth period it is advisable to offer them calcium supplements, but the amount of calcium depends on their age and health condition, so you should ask the doctor offer you some recommendations in this case.

Do not smoke around them

You might think that there is no connection with your habit of smoking inside the house, but you should know that if you do it around your children their immune system would be undermined, and it would not be able to defend your children from the risk of developing bronchitis and even pneumonia. Also, in case your children are exposed to tobacco they might even experience middle ear infections, so you might want to think twice before doing it again.