Crafty ribbon home décor ideas for crafty families

If you love ribbons just like we do, then you must be quite handy when it comes to fun ribbon DIY projects yourself! If you have some leftover pieces of ribbons from your previous handy projects, we have some ideas for you. These are the kind of ideas for which you don’t need to spend a penny, and if you bought your ribbons from a ribbon wholesale, the satisfaction will be even bigger! Below we have some fun ribbon leftover DIY projects.


1. Cupcake toppers, for your child’s birthday party

Don’t throw away those ribbon leftovers! Save them and before your child’s birthday party create something all children will enjoy! Cupcakes, topped with fun little flags. You will need toothpicks, ½-inch ribbons, a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors. Cut the ribbon in pieces of 2 inch in length, fold the ribbon in half and glue it on a toothpick, then once it dries, cut the ribbon in a flag shape. Repeat the steps to create how many you need, and then top the cupcakes with them!

2. Decorative trim for your lampshades

You will need approximately ten minutes of your spare time, a piece of ribbon long enough to embellish the bottom of your lampshade, double-stick tape, and your trusty hot glue gun. Place and secure the ribbon on the lampshade with the tape, and by using the hot glue gun, secure it completely. There you have it, your brand new lampshade, without spending a dime!

3. Step up your zipper game

You surely know how boring zippers are. Why wouldn’t you dress them up a little, especially those on the classy pieces you have on your wardrobe and attach a piece of thin ribbon on them? Slide a thin piece of ribbon through the zip pull and secure it by knotting it. Simple as that!

4. DIY bookmark

Stop dog-earring all the pages of your favourite book and create a bookmark using the leftover ribbons you have around your little workshop. It only takes three minutes, and you will only be needing a piece of ribbon long enough for your book and a hot glue gun. Secure your piece of ribbon on your book’s back cover and there you have it, a handy fun bookmark that will prevent further dog-earring from happening to your book’s pages.