DIY ribbon projects for you and your children

It is important to get your children involved in various handy activities at an early age. This way, you can improve their practical skills. Moreover, they will become more aware about the efforts implied by making anything by hand and they will appreciate more your actions. You can always find a project to do with your children, any time you have some spare time on your hands. We find this really relaxing as well, and a good way to spend some quality time with them. You could use some everyday ribbon pieces and have some fun with your children. These projects are appropriate for children of all ages.


1. Wind chime with ribbons and rocks

This is a fun project, appropriate for children aged eight and above. It requires a small amount of time to be accomplished, about 30 minutes, and the supplies you are will need can be easily found. You are going to need about 12 small rocks, ribbons, some glue, a stick and a pair of scissors. After you found your rocks, you have to give them a good wash and let them dry. You will need three pieces of ribbon, about 25 inches long. Next, you must place at equal distances four of your rocks, wrap the ribbon around them and secure with a knot. To make the tie stronger, add some craft glue. Let your children do this step, because it does not involve scissors. Do the same with the other two pieces of ribbon. After you finished this step, knot them at equal distances on your stick. Cut two pieces of ribbon; knot them also on your stick, but on the other side. This represents the wind chime’s hanger. Tie them together, and voila. You have created and crafted a wind chime with your children.

2. Make a Christmas wreath

This year, maybe you would like to have a different Christmas wreath. Forget about the ones you find in stores and buy instead a Styrofoam wreath and ribbons of different colours, patterns and textures. Our advice would be to find some in Christmas colours, like red, green and white. Cut the ribbons at the desired length and proceed to tie bows on your wreath. Repeat the step until the wreath is completed. You can cut the ribbons at the desired length, and your children can tie them. Let them be creative and express their artistic views.

3. Make some ribbon flowers

This might be the easiest craft, but it will make your children, especially little girls, happy indeed. You are going to need some buttons, a hot glue gun and some pieces of ribbons. Fold the ribbons to better represent some flower petals, and stick the in the middle. Apply your button and you have a flower. Repeat that until your children are happy with the number of flowers they have, and help them decorate their room.

As you can see, there are many easy crafts involving ribbons you can do with your children. They are a good way to improve their practical skills and have some fun together.