Does your loved one need home care?

It is hard to see that when your grandparents age they lose their independence, because they experience memory loss, chronic disorders or frailty. If in the past they had no issues with completing home chores, nowadays they find extremely difficult to run errands, cook, or take a bath. In this situation, the best solution is to hire home care providers, because they will ease their life. They are professionals, so they will know what they have to do to help your grandparents maintain their safety and wellbeing. Your grandparents will be able to maintain their independence and enjoy their life, while someone will help them around the house.

Homecare assistants help thousands of families, so you should not be worried because you are not able to help your grandparents. According to their particular needs, the caregivers will create a personalised plan and will offer them the best assistance. If you are not sure if your grandparents need extra care or not, here are some signs you should pay attention to.


Increased forgetfulness

In case you are noticing that your grandparents are constantly searching for the keys of the house, and they have issues with remembering when they have to see the doctor, you should consider the option of hiring hjemmetjenester. It is something normal people to become more forgetful as they age, but in case these episodes are happening daily, then it may be a sign of a form of dementia.

They have a messy house

If in the past your grandparents were constantly concerned by how clean their house is, but now it is a mess every time you get there, then the idea of hiring a private omsorgstjenester oslo can be exactly what they need. They will not be worried that there is no one to do the laundry, to wash the dishes or to take the garbage out. They will be able to focus on their daily activities and the private homecare assistant will offer them the help they need.

They fall or injure themselves quite often

Another sign that they need bpa is when they experience frequent falls. There are not few the cases when elderly have motor difficulties. Even if they find difficult to admit that they injured themselves because they are not as mobile as they used to be, you can notice it by the bruising and discolorations they have on their skin. If a caregiver will assist them at home, you are able to reduce them the fall risk.

Their personality changed a lot

Sometimes, elderly start changing their personality when they understand that they are not as independent as they would want to be. When they are no longer able to enjoy their hobbies and the activities that offer them happiness. Changes in behaviour can also be a sign of a form of dementia and in this case, it is advisable to have a professional check. A caregiver will be able to offer them the support they need to relax and it will help them maintain their mental health.