Fitness Family Gift Ideas

If you want to surprise your parents, you siblings, or any other family member, you could offer them a fitness gift idea that will encourage them to become more active or will strengthen their active life. Although the offer is rich, it might be hard for you to decide on the best gift, so you can inspire from our article and find the perfect fitness gift idea for your family.
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A fitness tracker

Impress your celebrated family member with the latest hack in terms of fitness gadgets, the fitness tracker that can help them monitor their weight, heart rate, fitness performance, sleep, and more. The Fitbit Alta is slim, discreet, comfortable to wear, and provides accurate measurements displayed either on its sleek screen or through the app it works with. The $117 price tag makes it very affordable.
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A body fat analyzer

Help your family stay fit and monitor their health by offering them a body fat analyzer, which is a device that can measure not only the weight but also the visceral fat, water percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass. A good choice would be the Yunmai Bluetooth device that costs only $80 and can offer accurate information on many body parameters.
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A set of dumbbells

Dumbbells make a great fitness gift for someone who is willing to increase their fitness progress by adding weights to their exercises. The Amazon Basics set of dumbbells includes three pairs in 2-pound, 3-pound, and 5-pound sizes to match the exercise habits of any family member. And at only $24, both you and the celebrated one will be very happy.
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A weighted vest

This gift is great for both men and women so you can get one that both your mom and dad can wear during their exercises. The Tone Fitness weighs only 12 pounds so it can be adapted to many users and included into many types of exercises from aerobics to running to weightlifting. It costs only $39 and it can be the perfect gift for any family member.
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A bike or a pair of skates

Encourage your family to go out more and exercise outdoor by offering them a bike or a pair of roller skates that they can take in the park and enjoy some exercising. Depending on your budget, you can choose from bikes that cost $149 like the Kent Rockvale Cruiser to models that reach over $4,000 like the Darter 2016 Toray T700, but the price won’t matter as long as you choose a good bike. Roller skates have more accessible prices and will be a pleasant surprise for a sister or even your mom.