Gift guide for the fitness lover in your family

Getting into fitness has become a widely embraced activity of individuals of all ages. This way, we all have that family member who is a true fitness enthusiast. For them, fitness related gifts are always welcomed. From yoga mats, to sets of weights, to supplements like Algaecal Plus, these individuals seem to enjoy them more than anything. And because for those not really into fitness, finding an appropriate gift is quite hard sometimes, we have a small practical guide.


1. Extra thick and extra-long yoga mats

No, you don’t have to practice yoga to find use in a yoga mat. Many fitness exercises require lying on the ground for practicing them. This is the main reason such items are a great idea for all fitness buffs. Also, since they have a friendly price and have a long life expectancy, they are investment for a long term perspective. The extra thickness will make it possible to protect the back from injuries and maintain a proper posture during workouts as well.

2. Natural calcium supplements

We all know that person always trying to change their diet and their lifestyle in general to a more natural approach. Most certainly, we all have that person in our family. For them, a great gift idea is natural supplements. And since those practicing a sport regularly need an increased calcium intake, natural calcium supplements are the go-to option. Make sure you find a reputable producer, who can provide the kind of supplements meeting all requirements in terms of health.

3. An insulated water bottle

Hydration is essential when working out, but regular water bottles are not able to preserve it at the right temperature. Make sure the fitness lover in your family is properly hydrated by purchasing for them a double wall, stainless steel insulated water flask, specially designed for working out.

4. Fitness and nutrition journal

Help them set goals, monitor their calorie intake, the amount burned, plan their workouts and be more organised in general. Special journals for this purpose can help the beholder plan their meals, mix and match their trainings, have special divisions for cardio, strength and flexibility, making it easier for them to keep track and stay on the schedule.

5. Health and fitness books

Help them attain higher levels of performance not only training wise, but also health wise. There are authors with great books, easy to read, enjoyable and entertaining, in which they offer valuable pieces of information on how to become a better athlete and how to acquire those particular levels of preparation you set as goals.

6. At-home workout DVDs

Maybe your fitness buff prefers working out at home. If they do, a set of at-home, easy to follow workout DVDs might be the greatest idea. They can maintain the shape of their dream and feel comfortable in the privacy of their homes.

Of course, there are many other alternatives a fitness enthusiast might enjoy in terms of themed gifts. Maybe next time, you get a hint of what they really want.