Giving your interior design a vibrant touch with ribbons

Giving your home décor a fresh vibe is necessary from time to time, but purchasing designer decorations or replacing furniture items can be quite expensive. Well, if you love DIY projects, and have an eye for colour, you can use ribbon as an unconventional decorative element. With a  few floristry ribbons UK, sash or grosgrain ribbons, you can create the most wonderful decorations without spending a lot of money or putting in a great deal of effort. Here are some ideas to start with, decoration tips that go well with any interior design:


Colourful bedroom curtain

The curtain of your bedroom can influence the entire décor of the room, so if you opt for something dull and neutral, your bedroom will never look vibrant and full of life. A simple DIY project with a wow effect to it would be a ribbon curtain. You need long straps of ribbons in various colours (but make sure they match the rest of the area), which you can tie from the curtain hanger, leaving them to flow naturally towards the floor. This will be the easiest way to give your bedroom a chic makeover.

Entrance garland

You do not need advanced DIY skills to be able to create a garland, this being a project even pre-schoolers can handle. To make your home seem welcoming and cheerful right from the front door, making a bright garland out of ribbon will be a great option. Choose some ribbon colours and patterns and start creating. This item will look wonderful placed at the entrance.

Decorated chairs

Make any chair from your dining room stand out by tying a piece of ribbon on each leg. This will add instant colour to the area, creating a pleasant visual effect. You can use different colours for each chair, or the same one for all of them, depending on your personal preferences. A chair ribbon bow will be more chic than you would have expected.

As you can see, there are a few ways in which you can make your home décor more vibrant and colourful without spending a fortune. If you want to make a change in your interior design, using ribbon can be a great solution. The above mentioned ideas are only a few of the many options you can use – you will find plenty of more inspiration on the internet, or you can come up with your own decorative ideas.