Helping your kid find student accommodation


Your child is going to university and you could not be more proud.  An educational institution such as Newcastle University is a world-class one. Besides the fact that the campus is close to the city, it offers a multicultural learning community. Equally important is mentioning the excellent range of courses. There is no doubt that you are content with his/her achievement, but you have to keep in mind that it is a long way until university. The most important issue is that of student housing Newcastle. You will see that getting into university is not nearly as difficult as finding a place to stay. The last thing you should do is let your little one take matters into his/her hands. What you should do is act like an adult, in other words help your kid find suitable lodging.

Do plenty of research

Taking into consideration that prices are not exactly cheap, the two of you should start looking for student accommodation right away. It is hard for everyone at present to find a place to stay, not to mention students. Some universities have what is called a housing program. Universities have partnerships with real estate agencies in the surrounding areas. However, you may not have anything available, especially on short notice.

Consider private rented accommodation

One option worth considering is private rented accommodation. Your child has the opportunity to rent lodging from a private landlord or through a letting agent. In fact, this may be the only option your youngster has. The only problem is that landlords and letting agents will not agree to sign on a student that does not have a job. Therefore, you will have to co-sign the lease agreement. If you do this, you will be legally responsible for whatever you kid does to the living space. This does not mean that you should not sign, just that you have to have a long talk with your child.

What to look out for

Just because lodging looks very good in pictures, this does not mean that it will not disappoint in reality. If you do not want to have surprises, you should get your kid and visit the student house. What you need to look for are signs of dampness and pests. It is important to take into consideration location too. The living space needs to be close to campus and of course to transport links.