Home design trends to consider when renovating before selling


A lot of people believe that once they have decided to list their property on a real estate platform, they should stop investing in it. This is, of course, a practical way of thinking, but it is definitely not the most sustainable one. So, if you are planning to sell your house in the near future, then you should probably also consider staring a remodeling project. Any experienced realtor will tell you that buyers prefer a property that has been taken care of. For this reason, this article will present you some of the most popular interior design trends to keep in mind:

Modernize the space

One tip that will help you sell home fast in Orlando once you renovate is trying to modernize the space. During the past months, home design has been all about creating neat interiors, through up to date colors, textures and materials. Forget about the traditional approach to design and make bold choices! Remember, however, that you will be looking for new owners for your house soon and they may not share your preferences. That is why you have to keep it simple and neutral: pick grey, beige or caramel for larger spaces, with bright accents and tones.

Increase convenience through design

When it comes to renovations, experts advise you to favor upgrades that increase convenience and make day to day life easier. So whether you are thinking about investing in pieces of furniture that have more than one function, or you are considering introducing late hour technologies (such as IoT) to your home, these will definitely be welcomed by its upcoming owners. If you are willing to spend some money, this kind of investments are totally worth it.

Tile walls

While some years ago, this trend seemed to be dead, it has come back in 2017 and is still going strong. Not only is it fashionable to have an entire wall covered with tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, but you can now use this as a stylish element in the living room, bedroom or hall. You can opt between mosaic tiles and plain, white ones – all the options are available in dedicated stores and will look great on the walls. This is a design matter just as it is a practical one, since the walls will be way easier to clean.

Bring the outdoors, indoor

This trend has begun in 2017, when the Pantone declare that the color of the year was going to be greenery. House owners rushed to choose this hue above any other and for good reason: it is stylish, fresh and enriches the atmosphere with a natural glow. The trend continued but is now more general: bringing nature inside the house, by any means.