How to boat charter with kids

Are you planning on going on chartering a boat from Trogir ? Good for you. No matter if your destination is Hvar, Solta or Milna, you will have the adventure of a lifetime. The Adriatic Sea offers plenty of options for people on holidays and special occasions. You can even take your kids along on your trip. You and your little ones will get to escape from the real world and loosen. Families and boating go together like salt and pepper. If you are interested in the boating experience, book a boat charter Trogir for any number of days. This is what to do when you take your kids on a boat charter vacation.


Choose the Trogir boat charter wisely

Your mind should be at finding the right boat charter for your family. It is needless to say that not all ships are suitable for a family vacation. This is the reason why you need to choose the Trogir boat charter very carefully. The ship needs to have enough cabins to accommodate all family members. What is more, it needs to have safety features. It is not about how the boat looks, but what features it has. Examples of safety features include fire suppression and proper ventilation, flotation devices, and bells.

Preparation is essential when boat chartering with kids

You do not have to prepare the boat for sailing, but you do have to prepare your little ones. Have a talk with your children. Sailing is not the same thing as being on land. Explain to them what they can expect, like getting wet or sharing a room with siblings. You can also mention the places you will visit. If you have no idea about the surroundings, do some research on the internet. Talking to your kids in advance is what you need to do. The children will feel included and the trip will go a lot better.

On board entertainment is important too

Part of searching for a family-friendly boat charter is making sure there is on board entertainment for the kids. Things like playing cards, books, and wakeboards will make boating more fun for the kids. Do not forget about skis. You and your significant other are not the only ones who will want to ski. If you cannot find a ship with entertainment for kids, at least bring a few fishing rods with you.

Delegate responsibilities

It is not enough to get the kids involved in planning. They have to get involved in the trip too. Think about delegating responsibilities. More precisely, make the little ones in charge of refreshments or hoisting the flags. You can even designate a captain of the day. Kids will love it and you get to relax.

Bring along a nanny

The skippers are not there to take care of your children. So, if you know that you will not be able to watch over them all the time, bring a nanny with you. Having a nanny will give you peace of mind. What is more, you will be able to take full advantage of the boat trip.