How to give your home décor a colourful touch

From time to time, adding a fresh vibe to your home décor is necessary, in order to make the space seem more vibrant. You do not need to spend too much money on new furniture items or on designer decorations, because with a few accessories and some basic DIY skills, you can create some wonderful elements for your décor. Ribbons are often used to make interior designs seem more festive during the holiday season, but if you have a bit of creativity, you can include then in your decor, regardless of season. Here are a few ways to give your home a colourful touch by using UK grosgrain ribbons:


Accessorise the dining area

Whether you choose to tie straps of ribbon around the backrest of your dining chairs, or to sew a strap of ribbon onto the edges of your tablecloth, there are various ways in which you can accessorise your dining area in a colourful way by using this element.  You can make your dining room seem more sophisticated and colour oriented, if you insert ribbon the right way.

Bedroom curtain rod

Another extremely easy way to give your décor a colourful touch, and more precisely your bedroom décor, is by accessorizing your curtain rod with ribbon. You will need some long straps of ribbon, preferably as thick as possible, in the colours of your choice. Tie them around the rod carefully, and you will be surprised of the amazing effect created. On simple idea like this one can make the overall space brighter.

Ribbon garland for the fireplace

A ribbon garland can make a great decoration for your home, even if it might not be Christmas yet. Everybody knows how to make a garland, so it will not be that hard to create one yourself. Just use the right type of ribbon, making sure it is of top quality, and start designing. The perfect spot to place it is above the fireplace, giving the lounge area that comfy, homey vibe.

Therefore, whenever you want to make a small change in your interior design, one that isn’t expensive but brightens your décor, then you will not fail to do so with ribbon. These are only a few décor ideas, but you can find more inspiration online or even come up with your own designs. And if you want to find affordable and high quality ribbon, just search for a supplier online, and you will come across numerous offers, which will certainly meet your needs.