Ideas for wedding arrangements and decorations

Ribbons are a suitable and affordable detail for any type of event, adding a note of simplicity and elegance. So, if you are looking for a fun and creative way to decorate your wedding, start gathering as much ribbons as you can. If there are no places in your area, search online stores where you can find ribbons for different occasions, in this case wedding ribbons UK suppliers that also provide a good service. The variety of materials, sizes, colors and patterns will surprise you and will give you a difficult time while trying to make a choose the perfect design.

Ribbons for car decoration

Choose the ribbon according to the style and color of the car, and then make some research in order to find out the best way to wrap it for a glamorous touch. For example, if the car is black or white, a red, blue or purple ribbon will really stand out. You can even add some flower bouquets to enrich and brighten the appearance.

Add a luxurious touch to your cake

If your wedding cake is too simple, include precious high quality ribbons for an extravagant look. There is a wide range that includes sparkling white or gold ribbons made out of diamonds, crystals and pearls for an expensive aspect or satin and lace for elegance and refinement that will immediately draw the attention of all your guests and become a delicious topic of conversation.

Embellish the available space

Embellish the wedding venue by creating handmade wall decorations for a fabulous effect while saving a decent amount of money. It can become your own project representing a personal contribution to one of the most significant moments in your life. There are endless options for everyone’s tastes. If the wedding takes place indoors, you can improvise a hanging garden by using real flowers and green ribbons for a natural and pleasantly smelling effect or a cascade of flakes and white ribbons to which you can add pearls and glitters that starts from the ceiling and sinks into the floor. If the wedding takes place outdoors, you can wrap numerous ribbons of different sizes and colors around the arch, small fences and swings hanging from the trees. In addition, you can include a curtain of lights installed above the guest’s tables for the evening.

Centerpiece ideas

After decorating the walls, do not forget about the tables and chairs because that is where your guests will spend most of the time. Therefore, surround them with a beautiful and luxurious design. Use your inspiration, create arrangements of tree branches, candles, flowers and ribbons, and transform them into the wedding centerpiece. For example, place rocks or shells in a jar of water and wrap it with a ribbon of any desired color or tie a lace ribbon at the base of a glass vase containing red or white roses to render a romantic vibe. Play with various material, objects and techniques in order to achieve the perfect arrangement suitable for your wedding theme.