If you want to adopt a dog this is what you have to know

There is not a better companion than a dog. If you want to have someone to love you unconditionally then you should adopt a dog. But if this is the first time when you will have to take care about an animal, you should make sure that it is a well-researched decision, because it will change your life. Having a dog it means that you are committed to care him for more than 15 years. And this includes the times when he will get sick. If you want to know what this decision implies, then you will have to consider some of the following aspects.


Are there other members of the family?

If you have children who are under 5 years old then it is not advisable to adopt a puppy. Puppies have sharp teeth and great energy, and they can hurt the children when they want to play with them. The children will fear the puppy instead of loving him and this is something you should avoid. If you want both the children and the dog to feel happy about this decision, then you should discuss with a specialist from a kennel gardermoen to see what breed they recommend you to adopt. A medium-tall dog of about 5 months is the best choice if you have children under age of 5.

Who will take care of the dog?

All the adults in a house have to go to work, and the children have to go to school, so you will have to talk with your family members to see who will be the primary caretaker of the dog. It does not mean that the other ones will not care for him, but it is important someone to have this responsibility, for the dog to not get lost in the busy schedules of the family. The primary caretaker will also be the one who will take the dog to dyreklinikk nittedal when he is not feeling well.

Does the dog fit your lifestyle?

Everyone considers dogs cute, but it is an important decision that will change your life. There are not few the cases when dogs are dropped at the shelter because the owners considered too high energy or they did not have time to care them. Also, you have to be prepared, because there will be times when you will have to give up your plans to take him at the kennel Oslo because he has eaten something that he shouldn’t have. You should check the type of temperament every breed has, and ask yourself if you have someone to take care of him when you will be out of town. In case you have a cat, you will have to make sure that the dog you adopt is tolerant when it comes to other animals.

Interview a veterinarian

Before adopting the dog you will have to decide what specialist will supervise his health condition. Dogs require multiple vet checks and vaccinations when you first take them, so you have to make sure that you have someone you can trust. The vet should be experienced in treating dogs.