Is it Safe to Use Room Heaters and Fans in the Nursery?

For your small bundle of joy to grow up strong and healthy, you must make sure that the nursery provides the ideal environment for the baby’s growth. Therefore, you must ensure an ideal temperature in this room all year round. But to ensure the ideal temperature, you will need to use fans and room heaters. If you want to know if these household appliances are safe to use in the nursery, continue to read this article.
Is it Safe to Use Room Heaters and Fans in the Nursery Picture

The dangers of room heaters or fans in the nursery

Room heaters and fans might be the ideal appliances for providing the ideal temperature in any room of your house, but some of them can be hazardous for children. Room heaters that use gas to run should be avoided in the nursery. These appliances can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if they have leaks. You should stay away from room heaters that don’t turn off automatically when they overheat as well. Also, make sure that you avoid using room heaters that are hot to the touch in the nursery. The small one might touch the hot surface and harm himself. When it comes to fans, make sure that their blades can’t be reached by the baby. Otherwise, you might be faced with unpleasant incidents.

Use the Dr. Infrared Heater to provide warmth in the nursery

To purchase the Dr. Infrared Heater, you must spend $100. What makes this infrared heater the ideal choice for warming the nursery when the cold weather comes is the fact its surface is cool to the touch. Also, it’s extremely quiet, producing only 39 dB while operating. Therefore, it won’t wake up your baby if you let it run throughout the night. It features a 12-hour automatic shutoff timer. It comes with an automatic shutoff feature in case the unit overheats. In addition, this infrared heater doesn’t give off any emissions, making it safe around children.

Use the Dyson AM07 tower fan to cool the nursery when it’s hot

The best choice to go with for cooling the nursery when the hot weather comes is definitely the Dyson AM07 tower fan. It will cost you $400 to buy it. The bladeless design of this tower fan is what makes it the perfect addition to the nursery. It’s whisper quiet while operating. It comes with a sleep timer that will automatically shut the tower fan off after between 15 minutes and 9 hours of operation. The Air Multiplier technology creates a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow. Also, you can set it to oscillate in order to provide a smooth and even cooling of the nursery.