Is Your Child Interested In Netball? Encourage Them to Play Sports

More people than even are playing netball. It has been estimated that about 20 million people in over 80 countries worldwide play this magnificent sport. In London, netball has even been included in the physical education curriculum. So, what is it that makes this sport so appealing? It is popular because it is fun and, most importantly, active. If you play netball, or used to play in the past, do not be surprised that your child is interested in this ball sport. Your child is eager to be introduced to netball. What do you do? Well, encourage them to play the sport. Find a place where to play netball in London and show your little one the benefits of the game.


Reasons to encourage your child to play netball

If your toddler comes to you saying that they are interested in playing netball, you should encourage continuous involvement in this ball sport. Playing sports is extremely beneficial to their development. These are the benefits of playing netball:

  • Running: It is necessary to run around the field and change direction quickly. Running helps prevent obesity, heart disease, and improves the mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Hand-to-eye coordination: Throwing techniques require hand-to-eye coordination. The result is a better reaction time and agility.
  • Improvement of social and verbal skills: Much emphasis is laid on teamwork and communication.

Where can your child pick up netball recreationally?

This is a tough question since there are many places where one can play netball. There are sports leagues all over London, so choosing the best one is not that easy. A good example of London netball league is Netbusters. This place is accessible via public transport and it is a good place to keep fit. Unquestionably, there are many other facilities. Look for a place where your child can play indoors and outdoors.

Teach your child on and off court behaviour

When introducing your little one to a sport, it is important to teach on and off court behaviour. Some leagues do not accept bad behaviour and your kid will only have to suffer. Teach your child that they have to respect teammates, the umpire’s decision, be responsible for their actions, and be a good loser. What about unacceptable behaviour? It is unacceptable to intimidate players and use verbal abuse. As for yourself, do not apply pressure. Putting too much pressure will only make your kid make mistakes.