Parenting Tricks for Dealing with a Rebellious Teenager

If parenting wasn’t hard enough already, there are times when you have to deal with a rebellious teenager who makes things even harder. Instead of arguing with them and leading to contradictions and fights, you should apply a smarter tactic that will help you get along with your problematic child. Learn from the following article which are the most effective parenting tricks for dealing with a rebellious teenager.

Show respect so you will get respect

Parents often yell at their children and force them into doing something, which automatically puts the teenager in a defensive position where they start to talk disrespectfully and ignore orders. Therefore, you should try to change your tone and the way you say things so that the child won’t see it like an order but more like a request or a necessity.

Talk about what is bothering you

When things get out of hand, try to sit down with your rebellious child and talk about what is wrong with their behavior. Make them understand that you only want what’s best for them and that they are hurting you with their attitude. If they don’t obey and always contradict you, tell them what you feel about that and ask them to find a solution that will please both of you. Don’t simply impose your point of view and your own solution, but allow them to express their opinion and say what they would like to do.

Set rules and consequences for breaking them

Although you want to be gentle and understanding, it’s best not to have a too soft hand on your rebellious child because it can worsen things. A set of rules that must be kept by every family member is a good way of teaching them responsibilities. Also, breaking the rules must bring consequences so they will know that disrespect and disobedience are not allowed in your home. We are not talking about physical punishment but about privations from certain rights and pleasures.

Encourage self-esteem

Rebellious teenagers are like delicate statues that can break at the slightest careless touch so you must be very careful how you handle them and, most important, their personality. Never compare them to their siblings or a relative’s child because this could make them even more introvert and defiant. Praise their accomplishments, encourage them to do new things and to test their limits, and offer them the freedom they need, so they will know that you are helping them spread their wings. Of course, limits must be in everything so you will have to remain objective.