Reappearing carpet stains – what is the cause and how to solve it


There are not few the cases when you have a party at home, and one of your guests spills something on the carpet. You clean it immediately, and it seems that it disappeared, so you continue the party and you forget about the incident. But a few days later you notice that the stain is back, and you do not know what you should do about it. Your main questions may be what happened, and why it is here again. Well, wicking and soiling are the two causes that lead to this situation.

In case there is residue left behind on the fibres of the rug, then soiling can appear. The residues are left by the product you used to clean the original stain, and this is why it is advisable to use only professional ones. In case you do not completely blot and rinse the residue, it will attract soil and dirt and it will lead to a new stain that looks exactly as the old one

In case the substance that was spilled on the rug soaked into the under pad and into the backing of the rug, then wicking can occur. When you have cleaned the carpet stains, you cleaned only the surface of the fibres, but the substances is trapped in the backing of the carpet, and it will be reabsorbed by it in time.

How to prevent the reappearing of spots and stains on the carpet

If you want to make sure that the stain will not reappear, you should treat the stain as quickly as you notice it, because it is important to prevent it from soaking into the fibres of the rug. After you apply a treatment on the spot, you should place some clean white towels or paper towels on it, and a book on their top. In case you consider that you are not able to clean the stain, you can contact a reputable cleaning company to do it for you.

Tips to deal with soiling

In case you think that residue left caused soiling, then you should put some lukewarm water on the spot. In this way, you will rinse the residue from the rug. You should dry the carpet to prevent wicking. You can use some dry towels to place on the spot and to leave them overnight with some books on the top.

Tips to deal with wicking

In case you consider that wicking caused the reappearance of the stain, you should treat the stain as you done it the first time. Then you should place some clean towels on the top and some weight, and leave them on the rug overnight. In case the stain appears again, you should contact a professional company to treat the carpet, because they will use a process called hot water extraction. You should make sure that the company you choose has experience in doing this, because you have to make sure that it will not damage the fibre quality of the carpet. Do not use products by yourself to clean the stain, because you can affect the rug, and you will have to replace it.