Signs that your cat is sick

In the majority of cases you do not realize that your cat is sick until it is very ill. And in some cases it is too late, because cat’s health deteriorate very quickly. Also, you might not know but cats tend to hide if they are sick, and this is why you will have troubles in understanding if something is wrong with them. But if you want to want to make sure that your cat will be fine, you should try to take your cat to the doctor as soon as possible, because this increases the chances for it to recover its health. You are around it every day, and you should notice if there are any changes in its behavior. Here you will find some clues that your car is not feeling good, and you should not ignore them. In the majority of cases, when a cat does not feel good, they hide in a quiet place, and they try to get out of your way.


The cat does not act normal

You will notice that your cat stays in a hunched position, and they do not groom themselves. If you see that it is purring, you should not have the misconception that it is happy, because this they also do this when they are in pains or they are ill. If you notice that your cat does not want to get out from a hidden place, for a long time, you should take it to the dyreklinikk, because inly a veterinary could tell what it is suffering from.

Breathing difficulties and seizures

Also, in case it has breathing difficulties, you might notice that it does not want to lie on one of its sides, and it keep its head raised. In case you notice that your cat has seizures and it presses its head into the furniture items.

The cat does not eat

You should pay attention if your cat eats as it used to do it, because when they do not feel good, they do not want to eat. Also, there are times when the health condition they are suffering from can cause them increased appetite, so in case you notice that it wants to eat everything one time, and it does not use to do this, then you should take it to the doctor.

The cat drinks too much water

You should take your cat to the rehabilitering dyr if you notice that it drinks too much water, because it is a sign of diabetes, kidney disease, or other similar health issue. Also, if you notice that it tries to urinate often, but it produces only a small amount of urine, and it shows that it is in pain, you should consider taking it to the veterinary, because it might suffer from a blockage or urinary infection. This is a life threatening condition, and you should not ignore it. also, you should not think twice before taking your cat to the doctor, if you notice that it regurgitates after eating. There are times when vomiting is caused by blockages, poisoning and other similar problems. These are only some signs that your cat is ill and you should not ignore them.