Things to know before opening up your relationship and benefits emerging from it


An open relationship is not the killer of a marriage. It might in fact, be its saver. If both partners set some ground rules and stick to them, chances for such arrangements to work and improve one’s marriage are quite high. The easiest fashion to open a relationship after setting the said rules is to begin attending some of the greatest London couples parties and start experiencing true chemistry and connection and others. Worth noting is that these parties do not involve any kind of sexual interaction, only dating in its purest form and a strong chemistry with others apart from your steady romantic partner. However, let’s see what things couples should know before opening up their relationship for a truly successful experience.

Set some ground rules

If you want to open up your relationship in a highly functioning fashion, it would be advisable to set some rules for both partners to follow before taking actions for making this plan real. Have a long talk regarding what is ok and what is not when meeting new people, and stick to the plan. Remember that every action you take that was not part of the deal from the very beginning, will damage the relationship you have with your partner, basically the foundation on which your entire history is built on.

Start by attending adult meet up parties

If you are not sure which is the most appropriate way to open up your relationship, start by attending adult meet up parties. These types of events are perfect for those searching for a true dating experience and a rich chemistry with other human beings, apart from their long term partners. Makes sure that you only attend safe parties, were sexual encounters are not taking place and where safety is guaranteed. Also, you should search for parties where members are not pressured to get involved in activities with which they are uncomfortable with. These are reliable parties, where members meet up for interacting and finding similar individuals with whom to communicate.

Decide what you are both prepared to hear about

If you decide to take these encounters one step up than casually meeting and flirting with others, decide how explicit the other partner has to be when the topic arises. Get to set how many details you need to provide. If none of you wants to know the details of these encounters, don’t break this rule, since the other might feel hurt to know these details. On the other hand, if you set to provide all the details, provide them, because the other might feel cheated on if not.

Baby steps work best

For a successful transition, make sure that you take the entire process easily and that you don’t rush it. Take your time to accommodate with the new coordinates, and make sure that your partner has the necessary time for doing so equally. This is the recipe for success many couples tend to forget about.