Toddler Parenting Advice

Toddlers are adorable, to say the least. But the truth is that they engage in behavior that is aggressive, dangerous, and inappropriate very often. As a parent, you must teach the small one how to behave for the toddler to grow up into a nice and well-behaved person. Therefore, if you have a toddler, continue to read this article to get some great parenting advice.
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Be aware of the child’s triggers

All toddlers have certain triggers. For example, some toddlers find it fun to grab the toilet paper and spread it around the house, while others might find it fun to grab cans off grocery store shelves and smash them. As a parent, you should keep a close eye on the small one in order to notice what triggers the toddler’s bad behavior. It will make it much easier to prevent this type of behavior in the future. The best thing to do is to look for safe substitutes. For example, if the child likes to smash cans in the store, make sure that you carry at least one of his toys with you for the small one to have an occupation that distracts him from the cans.

Keep your explanations short and simple

Reasoning with the toddler is going to end up in failure. They are too small to understand your explanations, or even care for them. If you explain why the toddler’s actions are wrong, you will definitely talk in vain. Instead, keep your explanations short and simple. For a toddler, a simple “no” will suffice. If you have trouble with convincing the child to do something you want, simply tell the small one that he must do it in a firm, serious voice, without further explanations.

Give time-outs

A great discipline tool for toddlers is the time-out. If you warn the toddler to not do something but the small one still continues with the bad behavior, take the child to a quiet and safe spot that you have designated for time-outs. Make the toddler sit quietly in that space for 30 minutes. When the time passes, the small one will surely think twice before breaking the rules that you set or defying you when you ask for something.

Don’t get emotional

A lot of parents make the mistake of yelling at the toddlers when they are misbehaving. The small ones might be scarred emotionally by your screams, developing a fear towards you. This is something that you must completely avoid. Instead of pouring your anger on the toddler, calm yourself, and nicely explain what’s wrong. If you explain yourself on a calm voice, the child will listen to you. Also, make sure that you maintain a serious voice and face while talking to the toddler for the small one to understand that his actions were wrong.