Top boarding options for your pet while on vacation

You need to leave your home for a holiday and you can’t take your pets with you? Then you might need to get informed about various pet boarding options. When leaving for a longer period of time, your life companions must be well-taken care of, following the rules and conditions you provide. There are many pets out there that have specific requirements when it comes to their care, so get informed about the options you can choose from below.


Dog kennels

One of the most selected options when it comes to pet boarding is represented by dog kennels. This is the traditional variant for people who are going on vacation for a longer time. Regardless of the preferred services you want to add for your pet, kennel Gardermoen surely has specialists that can handle it without problems. Most traditional boarding kennels or catteries have licensed or certified caretakers that you can discuss with before your departure. What’s even more surprising about kennels is that your pet will receive the exact food and safety precautions you want for your little life companion.

In-home boarding

If your pet doesn’t have special care requirements, you can choose in-home boarding, which means that your pet will have the chance to socialize with other pets. As you relax in your holiday, so will your pet. Your dog or cat can enjoy the greatest conditions when you select in-home pet boarding. Choose a kattehotell that has many employees, so that they can watch over the pets while they socialize with each other. Not all pets are friendly and it’s best to take many precautions.


In case you can’t find any kennels or in-home boarding centers around your city, you can always ask your local clinic to look after your pet while you are away. The costs may be higher and the conditions might be less luxurious than in kennels or in-home boarding centers, but the caretakers will surely do their job just right. Plus, in a dyreklinikk nittedal your pet can also get checked out in terms of health. Before leaving your pet in a clinic, discuss with the caretakers about any health conditions that your pet may have and give specific details about diet and other habits.

Pet sitters

Finally, if you can’t find any method that suits your pet’s needs, you can always hire a pet sitter. Be very careful when choosing one though, as they will spend all the time you are on vacation in your own house. Choose someone reliable or hire a pet sitter through a company. That’s the safest way to do it and you have the guarantee that you can reach the pet sitter if something seems off. Don’t forget that you must create a very detailed schedule that your pet sitter should follow while you are away and set clear limitations about the house and its surroundings.