Unemployed in France – what do you need to know?

Losing your job as a foreigner living in France can be quite overwhelming, and you might have many worries on your mind. Because besides food and necessary expenses, you might need to pay rent and utilities on a regular basis, without a job, money can become a serious problem. However, in France, the government comes to the rescue of unemployed citizen and offers numerous social security benefits. Here are the most important details to know when you are unemployed in this country:


Requirements to receive unemployment allowance

In order to actually obtain the unemployment perks put at your disposal, there are a few requirements and obligations you will have to meet. The first and most important one is that you are not allowed to become unemployed through your own decision. Quitting your job voluntarily  automatically makes you unfit for an allowance. Also, you will have to prove that you are constantly looking for new job opportunities and do not stay unemployed due to your own will. Being registered at the Pôle Emploi for allocations chomage 93 will also be necessary. You also need to be bellow the retirement age, physically capable of working and to have been working in France for at least a four month period. If you meet all of these requirements, you will be viable for financial support.

Make sure your file all your documents

As soon as you lose your job, you will have to file your application for financial support. Because there is a long list of documents that you will need to present, it is recommended to ask for the assistance of someone who working in this domain. Even the smallest mistake can prevent you from receiving the allowance you are entitled to. With just simple search on the internet, you will easily find a phone number which you can call to request all the details you need. With the advice of an expert, you will not be taking any risks, and you will be certain that your file contains all necessary documents.

Take classes

Las but not least, you should consider taking a course and thus receive an education in a new field of work. If you have been searching for job offers for quite some time, and you have not been able to find something that falls within your qualifications, perhaps you should focus on an entirely different field. The government stands at your disposal with a wide range of classes, free of charge, so you should consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

As you can see, losing a job does not have to be an unpleasant change that affects your entire life, because the French government can support you and provide you with the assistance you need until you come across a new career opportunity. However, being completely informed on the topic is a must in order to benefit from the financial help the country promises. Make sure to discuss with unemployment specialist who can tell you exactly that course of action you need to take in this situation.