Visiting a private school – top questions to ask


Selecting the right private school is definitely an important decision to which both parents and children should contribute in order to obtain the desired results and have everyone pleased. It is essential that parents start the selection process with some thorough online research and compare the private schools available in the region and websites such as may be a very good place to start. Before going with a specific school, parents and children should visit it and ask a series of important questions. Here are some examples.

What is the school’s mission or educational philosophy?

What makes private schools different from public schools is that the former ones usually have a specific educational philosophy or mission onto which their teaching style and system are based. It is important to ask more information about this aspect to learn more about the school and to see if it fits your kid’s needs and interest.

What is the average size of the class?

Another important detail you need to know about the private school you are interested in is related to the class size. In nearly all cases, class size in private schools is significantly smaller compared to the ones in public schools, which is also one of the reasons why parents decide to enrol their little ones in private schools. Here, teachers have fewer students and they can focus their attention better on each student, thus helping every one of them not only to learn interesting information on a specific subject, but also to develop as a person.

How does the school approach homework?

In public schools, teachers tend to give their students great amounts of homework, which is known to occupy a lot of time, thus leaving children with little or no spare time to spend with friends or family. In private schools the homework debate is taken very seriously and most schools offer great solutions related to this aspect: they either give less homework or ask children to stay several extra hours in school so that they can do the homework their teachers gave. Each private school approaches a different method regarding homework, so it is important that you ask for more information when you visit the school.

Most important – ask your child what his or her opinion is upon the school!

Although this is not a question that parents have to ask the boarding school, but their own children, it is probably the most important one. Ask your little one if during the visit at the private school they were impressed with the way classrooms were arranged or with the way teachers and students looked and felt like. After all, it is them who go to that private school, not you, so your main duty as a parent is to ensure they feel comfortable during those hours spend in that private educational institution.

All things considered, these are some of the most important questions you need an answer to before you actually decide upon a specific private school for your children.