Wedding guide – organizing the guests

Organizing a wedding involves many steps that have to be checked in order to get everything done in time without any kind of mistakes. Organizing guests is one of the most difficult tasks, given the fact that besides family, you will have to assign tasks to each and every bridesmaid or best man. You will have to focus so you won’t forget any important aspect. Making a list of all the guests that confirmed they will attend your wedding and choosing the seating option are the main head-starts of the whole plan. Here are some tips you might want to follow:

Assign the tasks and schedule the program

Firstly, you will have to let the bridesmaids and the best man what their attributions are. In order to set everything in order, first schedule the speeches. The best man speech should be assigned first, because that is the moment everyone is waiting for. If you want yourself to say something in front of everyone, leave this moment for the last part, so everyone will wait for it and create the appropriate ambiance. The bridesmaids should have a very strict programme to follow through the whole period of the wedding, from helping the bride putting on her dress to helping the guests find their place at the table. Their role is essential and if you are not going to plan it right, you might end up without any help on your behalf. Try inspiring online for best man speeches in case they do not find the right words to express what they have to say. Have everything set up early enough so you won’t stress for it right before the big event.

Arrange the seating options

Even if you might desire to encourage new friendships between your relative and friends this is not the appropriate time to do it. When people come to your wedding they should feel good and comfortable, which is not possible if they are placed among strangers. Of course, you can play with group formations: relatives, colleagues, your godfather’s guests, your friends, your significant other’s guests etc. The problem will be that most tables have a fixed number of seats so you won’t be able to place as many people as you want in one single place. Make a list and write down everyone’s social status, age, relationship, job or even their favourite topics of discussion.

Try not to put bachelors and maids at the same table – instead, try matching couples. Keep in mind that there are bonds between guests and you wouldn’t want to break them right now. For the eldest prepare separate tables in a quieter place and for the youngest don’t forget to ask for a certain separate meal. Children that are old enough to eat alone can be placed at a separate table too, with games, toys or colouring books. Also, don’t forget to get your bridesmaids tell everyone who enters the wedding locations where their seat is. This way, you won’t have anyone confused with your decision. Also, try making available the option of exchanging seats.