What it takes to teach your child love a sport

It does not take long for a child to find the sport they love, but it is important to help them discover the perfect one for their needs and preferences. For example, some children love swimming, but you have to help them discover that they like to spend time in water. But when it comes to football for example, you will not have difficulties to see if they like this sport, because they will learn to play with the ball since early age. In case you notice that they like to spend time on the court then you should enrol them to one of the five aside football leagues in London, because there are organised games also for children. It does not matter the type of sport your child will choose, it is important to help them discover the one they like, because in this way they will not spend so much time in front of their computer.


Try to not overdo it

Yes, practicing a sport is a big deal, especially when it comes to children, but sometimes parents have the tendency to go too far. There are persons who encourage them to focus on a single sport, and there are parents who enrol their kids to multiple activities. Therefore, you should talk with your little one, and see what passions they have and what they would like to do, because this is the best way to enrol them into an activity. You should make the sport look more like a fun activity to do, not like a job. It is important to keep in mind that you should not involve your child into more than three activities at the time, because they need time to rest and to play with their friends.

They should have a say

You should talk with them when you enrol them to an activity, because you have to know from the beginning if they would like to do a certain thing or not. In addition, during the classes it is important to find their opinion, and if they find that particular activity interesting. You should not simply put the children into the sport their friends do, they might not like it, you should ask them before. In this way, you are sure that they will not get bored and they will not give up.

You should explain them the real commitment

Before you sign them up for a sport, you should explain to your little one that they will have to practice this sport once or twice a week, and they will not be able to try something else for a time. Therefore, you should carefully pick the activity, and make sure they include it in their program. Usually, sports programs last a season, and it is important your child to be committed to do this sport for so a long period. There are cases when kids want to quit after a few trainings, but you should encourage them, because in time, their skills will improve and they will want to play the next season.