What to do when you expect for the second time around

Are you pregnant with your second baby? Then you may be looking for some guidelines on how to get ready for their arrival. You have to make sure that the transition period will go smooth, and the first baby is happy that they will have a sibling. A list with things you need to do will help you, because it will give you peace of mind, when you will check another task. Having a second baby means that new things need to be done, and you have to make sure that you are ready to be the mom of two.

Visit the storage

If your first child is a toddler now, you have probably taken many things to your storage unit. Therefore the first thing you have to do is to visit the storage units Medicine Hat and take the jumpers, car seat and all the things you will need to use during the first months of having the second baby.  Since it is a year or more apart between your children, you definitely have a lot of things placed in the storage space. Get them out, clean them and have them ready to go.

Wash things

Even if the gender of the second baby is different from the one of the first, you will be able to use numerous things, because they are gender neutral. If you have bodysuits in neutral colours, bibs, burp rags and blankets, make sure you wash them and clean them properly. You need all of them to be fresh and clean when your little one will come.

Pack a bag for your first child

It does not matter if you will take your first child at the hospital, or you plan to ask one of your friends to care them, during the period, it is important to have a bag prepared for them. You do not know how long the labour will last, and you do not know how long your baby will have to wait for you or their dad to check on them. Pack them day clothes, pyjamas, diapers, snacks, diapers, and medicine, if they are suffering from a health problem.

Make a schedule of your child’s day

If you plan to ask a friend care for your baby, or you will hire a babysitter, they need to know what your child’s schedule is. If you make a schedule they will find easier to follow it, and they will manage to keep everything organised. In addition, your child will follow the same routine, and they will feel less anxious. Yes, the schedule will probably not be followed strictly, but the babysitter will have an idea on what they have to do.

Buy a double stroller

If the children will be close in age, then you will need a double stroller. If your local stores do not sell this type of items, you should check online, and order one. Do not pick the cheapest, because it may not function as good as you may expect. Wait a few weeks, and you may get the one you want with a special price.